Sonoscape A6

Sonoscape A6

A6 Features

The SonoScape A6 Portable Black and White Ultrasound.
(Vascular/OB-GYN/Urology, Podiatry, Anesthesiology, Vet, Basic Cardiology)

NEW, 2 transducer ports, 12″ adjustable anti-glare LCD monitor, 3 hours continuous scanning battery life (optional), 1GB internal storage, Digital Beam Former, 2 USB Ports, Tissue Harmonic Imaging, 4B, one-button optimization, 512 frame CINE, Chroma, basic Cardiac measurement calcs included. Clipboard, PDF reports, and integrated workstation.

Compelling facts behind the A6 why you should buy: small portable with LCD screen that tilts 30 degrees, a 180 degree Transvaginal probe 6V4, larger screen than the Mindray DP6600 (12″ versus 10″ on the Mindray), lightweight 6kg, 128 transducer elements versus 80 on other models, scanning depth is deeper, zoom is greater (8X) and a higher dynamic range therefore giving more colors in grayscale to provide greater detail.

A6 Options

Optional: (Must Specify if Needed)

  • Trolley
  • Freeze Footswitch
  • External DVD-RW
  • Biopsy guide (Metal or Disposable)
  • Transducer Options Available:

    Each transducer has 5 different frequency selections.

    Abdominal Convex, C351, 6-2MHz/R50mm
    Pediatric Convex, C543, 8-3MHz/R40mm
    Micro-Convex, C612, 9-4MHz/R13mm
    Vascular small parts Linear, L745, 11-5MHz/46mm
    Endovaginal, 6V4, 9-4MHz/R13mm
    Endocavity, EC2, 9-4MHz/R10.3mm
    Transrectal Biplane, BCL10-5, Convex: 9-4MHz/R10mm Linear: 11-5MHz/60mm
    Cardiac Convex

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    A6 Options

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     DICOM Trolley Freeze Footswitch External DVD-RW Biopsy guide (Metal or Disposable)

    Probe Options

    Select desired tranducer options:

     Abdominal Convex, C351, 6-2MHz/R50mm Pediatric Convex, C543, 8-3MHz/R40mm Micro-Convex, C612, 9-4MHz/R13mm Vascular small parts Linear, L745, 11-5MHz/46mm Endovaginal, 6V4, 9-4MHz/R13mm Endocavity, EC2, 9-4MHz/R10.3mm Transrectal Biplane, BCL10-5, Convex: 9-4MHz/R10mm Linear: 11-5MHz/60mm Cardiac Convex

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